My main job is HTML and CSS coding websites, web design and programming Internet applications (eg, chat, content management system, user registration, etc.) using a scripting language PHP and MySQL databases - simply creating web pages. The resulting code corresponds W3C standards and is functional in all major browsers (IE, Firefox, Opera).
Workflow: My workflow looks like this: the basic specification by the customer, then the initial analysis and then propose a graphic design (if you do not), then draft seen by the customer and will specify whether any amendment or proposal complies. When the proposal will meet to agree upon a schedule. Then you can get to work, cut to the required file uploads and to encode XHTML page to help PHP scripting language MySQL database and CSS. Then just arrange to transfer cash websites.

Services that offer

Creating Web pages - Static presentation
Creating Web pages - Dynamic presentation
Creating web design, logos, banners, advertising, flash animation
SEO Optimization
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